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299/365 – comfort food
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…sara was appalled by the tide box. but it fit the hot food perfectly. (I hope it’s safe!) tonight was my turn to make dinner for the newest baby-family… he was born five weeks ago and my neighborhood does this awesome thing where we cook dinners so the new moms can just…be new moms.

five weeks into this, I’m guessing most of the really good stuff has been done already … but who cares. I toyed with the baked ziti (my sister’s recipe, but since she doesn’t live in the neighborhood and our “friends” don’t always overlap, I figure I might be able to make this one work!), but my heart wasn’t in it. my family knows roasted chicken is my go-to comfort food. add tiny green beans, roasted fingerling potatoes (oh my – LOVE that they have variety bags at costco!)…and the warm mushroom salad from my mom. done. done and done!

p.s. added a loaf of potato rosemary bread and a bottle of the king estate pinot gris which my mom says is the best ever. i’m sure she’s right.

p.p.s. I am SUPER glad we’re having this for dinner, too!! (minus the pinot gris – we’re red wine here!)