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sunrise…I really do believe the world is divided into morning people and “not” morning people. me? a full-fledged member of the morning crew. have been for years. not that I don’t love a beautiful sunset. but I am much more intrigued by the sunrise. I think because it marks the beginning of the day. coming alive with possibilities.

I lucked out early in the 365 project to capture a sunrise/moonset together. hard to best that one (although I’ve taken three more, plus an alternate!), but today’s sunrise was pretty enough for me to keep the lights off in my office. and I didn’t even see the movement of the clouds until I downloaded the photo – can’t you see the clouds moving across the sky?

but the real “beginning” for today was my visit to It’s the Journey – the not for profit organization that sponsors the 2-day walk to raise money for breast cancer treatment, prevention and support in the Atlanta area. I had a lovely conversation with the development director and the office manager… and learned that my HA Foundation experience might actually be of use – in addition to my enthusiasm for what they do. this will be fun!

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