Just Life

thursday is the new friday.

…at least for the next three weeks when I will be enjoying three (or four!) day weekends.

and this seems a fine time to declare – I have very good intentions of blogging more regularly. I miss it. not that I have any plans to out-do may and june of 2007, when I recorded 32 and 31 posts respectively (you know that’s more than one per day, right?) but I definitely want to do better than the pitiful eight in 24 days I’ve managed this september.

I miss the process – I enjoy coming home after a long day – and even waking up dark-early, sitting down at the computer and doing something creative – it’s a huge stress reliever. but mostly, I think, I miss having the record of our lives – so many times I could say “I put it on the blog” or I’d refer back to the archives for photos, or the words about what we were doing right then. I’ve told myself that the 365 project is doing a lot of that. but it’s simply not the same.

so I’ll break away from work, and from knitting 🙂 and take a few minutes to write it all (or at least the parts that might matter) down.

first up – the formal communication plan about my january 2010 retirement is underway. not that it was ever a secret, but now we’re sending out a professionally written announcement internally. I’ll post the message here when it’s out to everyone. it’s feeling very close – I know it will fly by. and I’m going to try for “workday wednesday” photos for the last fifteen (assuming I’ve counted correctly) wednesdays that I work. trying for a mix of good, bad and ugly. this week was ugly:
266/365 - GA 400I will so NOT miss the commute up and down georgia 400….

next – a very slightly new haircut – I got bangs on tuesday. not a newsflash, really, but if I love ’em, it will be great to have a photo of how they looked … and if I hate ’em, it will still be good to have the photo to show why (so far I’m loving them, but it’s still early!)
267/365 - bangs

I am purposely NOT sharing any knitting photos. but there has been knitting. ester is just waiting for two quick seams. and I started a hat. there has also been a lot of time thinking about knitting and enjoying knitting podcasts. I found electric sheep on my trip last week and I can’t recommend it highly enough. katie (aka “hoxton handmade“) hosts. she lives in london (and has a delightful accent). she begins each episode with an essay – sometimes funny, sometimes educational, sometimes thought-provoking, always well-done. and adds bits about yarn, patterns, and especially about the internet and knitting. she just released episode 21. I’ve listened to 1,19,20 and 21 so far (catching up is making that nasty commute just a bit more bearable right now) and have completely enjoyed every one.