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the story of sunday.

…I’ve been spending a LOT of time knitting lately. like in a way that makes me wonder how people with any other obligations on their time ever manage to knit period. so I feel fortunate that my knitting bug bit at precisely a point in my life where I have time.

so…two finished projects – both single skeins – and this definitely proves that not all single skeins are created equal! those last 20-some rows of ishbel took me most of the day (after my run in the park, costco and kroger and in between five loads of laundry).
pearl cowl256/365 - lunacy blocking
(click on the photos for more details)

but that still left plenty of time for dinner. marc was out of town (sidenote – his traveling is a good part of why I have so much free time!) and sara and I had been wanting to make the cornbread salad from smitten kitchen. kind of a southern take on our favorite panzanella. she made the cornbread – using stoneground cornmeal so it had a bit of crunch – oh my, good. and I prepped and assembled everything else. it came together beautifully and I would definitely recommend it.
cornbread saladcornbread saladcornbread saladcornbread salad
cornbread salad

and we did manage to finish nearly all of it – except for lots of leftover croutons!

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  • Lydia

    love the knitting, both pieces are gorgeous. sometimes a break from a multi-skein project is nice-makes you feel productive. the salad looks very yummy too.