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packing for a business trip.

257/365 – business trip
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…the clothes are honestly the easy part! (except that I wanted to plan two days for wearing handknits…that did take a bit of thought!)
this trip is a little harder since I’m going two places – tomorrow to our falls church office for a planning meeting. and then wednesday/thursday to indiana for a presentation to purdue university. two topics/three days. being prepared = lots of paper for lots of reading.

but oh my, 26+ years (omg!!) of practice have honed my skills for packing the personal stuff. a book + wallet always. and recently – knitting, reading glasses :-), journal, camera, cell phone, blackberry and the one quart ziploc bag (which is still on my bathroom counter – with a big post-it that will make sure I don’t forget it).

business trip
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