jumping on the single skein bandwagon.

…aka “SSS” or “single skein september”, an annual contest hosted by my favorite knitting podcast, stash and burn. the idea is to knit as many projects as you can during the month of september. I wasn’t really planning to participate – for the most part, I prefer sweaters and bigger projects. but I just realized I’ve got FIVE projects done or in the works. and maybe I should jump on the bandwagon!

first up, the second scarf for katie (technically a two-skein project, but I think that just makes me an overachiever).
lovely leaf lace scarflovely leaf lace scarf
and then, the bobby blue cowl. (recognize the dress?)
bobby blue cowl

and I’ve started this cowl, using the second skein of the yarn I bought for katie’s first scarf. and have this beret queue’d up next (in a charcoal gray cascade that I had in my stash – colorway 7618). and of course, lunacy, now about 24 rows from being done.

I’m really pondering what to cast on next. the lace panel sweater is, of course, getting no bigger. but that’s more of a home/tv project. and I have a good bit of travel/airport time in my near future. any ideas?

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