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a scarf for katie.

238/365 – branching out debuts
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…she picked the yarn when we visited purl last month. and I picked the pattern after extensive research on ravelry, trying to find a pattern that would do the yarn justice (katie really liked another scarf on display at purl and we purchased two skeins anticipating that pattern – but after careful consideration, I think the yarn is just “too much” for that pattern).

This yarn…it’s fabulous. a silk/bamboo blend . it is just … luxurious and soft and I know it will be warm for the new york winter. but what really struck me tonight were the colors. I’ve been knitting it inside – and I could see the golds and what I thought was a sage green is really more of a gray. but outside. oh my. wow.

I hope she likes it. and she’s coming to atlanta in september. and I am going to have it finished by then. (blog promises are serious!)


  • Lydia

    love the yarn and pattern. i've learned with multi-color varigations that the right pattern is key for really showing off the yarn. look forward to seeing it, pictures never do justice to yarn!