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play day with sara.

…funny how our idea of “play” changes as we get older. just a few years ago, a “play” day likely would’ve involved toys, or maybe the pool, or maybe a park and some swings. I do still love the park and swings, but it was HOT in Atlanta today and not really suited to being outside [complete sidenote here – how in the world did ANYone ever live in the south before air conditioning?!]

so here’s how play day plays out for us now:
*7am workout with rob (sara even manaqed a few smiles despite the early hour – and I thought it was nice to arrive in the daylight – my usual time is 6am and it’s never light then!)
*9:30am appointment with jo at spa sydell for a first-day-of-school brow wax for sara (I knitted)
*lenox mall for urban outfitters (sara found 3 dresses, a skirt and a few tops – huge success), american eagle (super-cute skinny jeans on sale for sara) bath and body works (stocking up on yummy-smelling soap for the powder room), j crew (cropped pants – on sale! – in black for me) and anthropologie (the only disappointment – I wanted a wide leather belt but they had nothing)
*portofino for lunch – we each ordered the pranzo – a “pick any three” lunch special. all of it was delicious, and we’re thinking we could make the chickpea and farro salads at home. (click photos for details).
lunch out at portofino
lunch out at portofino
lunch out at portofino
*end of lunch photo – I posed the camera on my water glass so this would “count” as my project 365 photo šŸ™‚
219/365 - lunch at portofino
(and yes, we sat outside – the shade and a breeze – somehow it seemed like only 75 degrees there)
*perimeter mall for bobbi brown at nordstroms (a new bronzer for me), sur la table (a built lunchbox for sara), j crew (again – for the gray pants they didn’t have at lenox)
*and finally…home – whew!

and I love that it’s just 5:30 and the plants have been watered, photos uploaded and we’re watching barefoot contessa.

happy friday!

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