Just Life

lunch out with sara.

lunch at bistro vg…at our favorite bistro vg. we got there just after 2:30 – not quite in time for “lunch”, but perfect for the “late lunch” menu. and plenty of time to talk. about how quickly the summer has passed – but in a weird way, the first week of summer vacation (and the last time we were here) seems like a very long time ago. two trips to new york are my excuse. and sara’s been working. but still. this is seeming like our end of summer tradition.

I didn’t photo the roasted beet salad with frisee and roasted vegetable ratatouille with cumin chickpea fritters we had to start. trust me. they were delicious.

but I think I liked the main course the best (click photos for details).
217/365 - flat bread special
and sara liked dessert. not too sweet and not too heavy. the perfect ending.
lunch at bistro vg
then my “dessert”. a trip to cast on cottage for buttons to finish the 28thirty. and yarn to knit sara the new vogue knitting beret. (it’s the pink one, 2nd column, 4th row) and of course! a bit more yarn and a few of the new classic elite pattern books (lydia, the brooklyn tweed book is better than you can imagine!)

… plus a fun conversation with theresa about post-retirement knitting. and a photo (thanks sara!)cast on cottage


  • Anonymous

    your makeup looks so fabulous! you look absolutely o-m-f'ing-g beautiful! well, you are beautiful. but i need to go to bobby brown and get the palette. ugh! love that i'm related.

  • Lydia

    ooh and i just happen to have a 10% off coupon for COC to use for my birthday,i've avoided looking at BT's new book-between the new vogue knitting and interweave knits, PLUS the french girl knits book i just got-so many lovelies to knit. i may need a second job to pay for the yarn, of course then i won't have time to knit. i love those hats in VK-can't wait to see the beret,lunch sounds like it was delish!! what a great day to play-and great company as well.