Just Life

a different kind of blur.

…so appreciated all the good thoughts – I am happy to report I feel fine – thank you!

on our (my) favorite friday walk this afternoon, sara and I talked about how long the week seemed. and really sunday does seem like a very long time ago. wow and the days in between…just a blur. travel does that to me, I guess. a different schedule. a big room to myself (without having the tv on).
224/365 - business travel
falls church
225/365 - on time

got marc packed for a week-long trip to china. he leaves tomorrow morning. just hope he packed enough clothes. and his visa works.
226/365 - marc, packed
sara and I are planning cooking adventures (yeah, I know, panzanella can hardly be called an “adventure” for us, but we love it so much it just has to be in the rotation this week!). stay tuned….