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bookclub at my house.

bookclub at my house…total fun. and just a little bit tired 🙂

the book was donna’s pick from last month mudbound. great read and we all enjoyed it. but we’re all a little (or, honestly, a lot) tired about feeling embarrassed about the way this wonderful country of ours has been (is?) so racist.

I knew after I finished this one – and thinking about the last few we’d read – that my pick couldn’t be about terrorism or iran/iraq/afghanistan, or WWWII or nazis, or racism in the US. turns out it’s really hard to find a book that’s worthy of bookclub without that!

one of our longstanding “rules” is that you should always pick a book you’ve read. I broke from that tradition a bit and selected motherless brooklyn. I have read the first 25 pages and it’s delightful (if you can even say that about 25 pages narrated by a guy with tourette’s whose boss gets murdered). and I loved that the opening scene takes place just a few blocks from katie’s apartment.

and thanks to sara for the photo. I think the one I took on the timer turned out ok, but sara’s does have fewer legs (val – that’s for you!)

p.s. the poundcake was disappointing – great flavor, but the texture wasn’t dense and rich; sara’s doing research and we’ll try again…

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  • Lydia

    the book sounds good, of course i'll probably want to read it, too bad about the pound cake. look forward to finding out "what happened", happy friday- yaaaaaaaa