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203/365 – lunch at my desk
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…but I have just over 100 days left of work. and I’m thinking a lot about the routines I have centered around my job. things like getting up dark early. stopping at starbucks for a second cup of coffee. timing the GA400 traffic. the view from “my” parking spot (they’re not assigned, but I try to park in the same place every day so I don’t have to remember where I’ve parked). my office – not so much a routine but a place I love, that feels like “home” (it’s filled with photos, memorabilia and has a gorgeous view – all conducive to being productive!). and lunch at my desk.

not even thinking yet about the actual work, the people, my clients and what I really “do”.

rich experiences for sure. and I realize I need to try – a little bit – to document it.

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  • Lydia

    wow, hard to believe when you put it into days. maybe it'll be like being a stay at home mom, just with an older, self-sufficient "kid" at home. sometimes i miss having that "job".