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205/365 – multi-tasking
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…I was very caught up in mudbound* when sara asked me to mind the soup. just a little stirring in a big pot, so of course I can read at the same time!

reminds me of my mom, not that I have any pictures of her doing this particular type of multi-tasking, but I’m sure she did it. because she loves to read, and gets caught up in a story she can’t put down … even if she has to get dinner on the table.

I also love multi-tasking for the pure joy of getting more than one thing done at a time. like running and listening to podcasts. or knitting and watching a movie. I read a thread on ravelry this morning about someone reading and knitting. and that one surprised me…reading and knitting both engage my brain in a similar way and that’s hard. I have tried knitting and working crosswords (when sara “drives” with the pen to write in the answers) and it works well, but only if the knitting – or the crossword! – is simple.

*this month’s bookclub pick. a very quick read (I started it after work and finished it just after dinner – wow!). thought-provoking themes about racism. I think it will also spark some good discussion.

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  • Lydia

    i think it's a girl thing, or at least a thing that girls are able to do better than boys. reading and knitting-not sure i could do that, but i like the tv/movie watching and knitting.