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187/365 – home.sweet
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(sweet.) and no more vacation scheduled til October. plenty of time to enjoy home – summer and fall are lovely here and I intend to pay attention to all that’s good at home. not that I won’t be thinking about nyc all the time…

took a nice walk in the park with sara after work. chatting about all kinds of good stuff. like ice cream – her dad bought her an ice cream maker and she is full of ideas for yummy flavors (sour cream cherry? peach? I’d be fine with vanilla!). summer reading – both of us are “behind” but I’ve got plans to catch up this weekend. work – three big meetings in the next two weeks – likely a couple of day trips (so good opportunities to keep my travel skills honed!) – and hopefully – a lot more relaxing and just enjoying the slower pace. and the sunshine. and home.

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