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208/365 – making cards
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…I continue to be amazed that people ask “what are you going to do when you’re retired?”. the answers have changed just a bit since I blogged them the first time. (and not to go into too much detail here, but thinking my post-retirement budget needs to support a camera and an iphone and probably not a sewing machine)

having 2+ hours (and that’s in addition to the time I spent before work today flipping through the catalog searching for “inspiration”) each month to spend on birthday cards…not to mention a few more for those “thinking of you” cards I hope to be sending.

and knitting – oh my! – the fall interweave issue preview… can’t wait!

and the park – I have over 80 podcast episodes to catchup for the two new ones I found this weekend – that must be, what, at least a few weeks worth of walks.

yeah, and then there’s cooking, and reading, and …..

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  • Lydia

    can't wait for the fall interweaves-finally sweaters in my size that are age appropriate! maybe you can make enough cards to sell to me as i've developed creative card mental block-