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162/365 – can you fix this?
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…that was all that was running through my head as I (clumsily) mended katie’s top tonight. because of course I know how to do that (clumsily, but it would’ve been way easier and neater if I’d had a sewing maching instead)…but I realized there are so many things on that list. and honestly, I’m glad I know almost all of them (and hoping I can be sure katie does too…before july!)

Curious about thoughts from others – but here is my quick attempt at a top 10 list in no particular order:

1. sew on a button, mend an underarm seam or a hem.
2. clean the kitchen and the bathroom. (yes – I’m into cleanliness and I really believe that a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom is really all you need, but I suspect my mom would add “dusting” to this list and I am, or at least used to be, a pro at that!)
3. do laundry without ruining anything (meaning no running colors, no shrinking)
4. unplug a toilet (I’m really only so-so good at this – but it’s a much needed skill in a house of mostly girls)
5. open a bottle of wine that has a cork.
6. balance a checkbook (bouncing a check is just not cool)
7. hang a picture. straight.
8. make coffee.
9. make dinner (doesn’t matter what it is, everyone needs to have one meal they can pull off on their own)
10. write a thank you note.

of course all of this is really secondary to the important stuff, like being a good person, loving others and being loved…but you get the gist…

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  • Lydia

    interesting post, those are key skills to have-am a fair hand at all except i'm not as good as i'd like to be at getting stains out of clothes (i'm getting better) and the picture hanging which i'll contribute to my height-what would i add? hand wash dishes, darn a sock, use a real phone book, iron a shirt, i'm sure there are many more! i wish i was more handy around the house, but i can open a bottle of champagne!