Just Life

the last to know.

…it feels like that sometimes when the girls show me something they’ve been doing or using forever. like the chi hair straightener. shoot, like the internet (sara still says that 2007 was the year I discovered the internet, wow, I was the last to know!). and I thought I’d done a pretty good job lately keeping up. I have a blog, a “pro” flickr account and gmail. I’ve shopped at etsy and amazon and regularly use paypal. but this morning (while I was trying to sit still for katie to straighten my hair), I saw google reader on her laptop. and wow. what a great – fast & easy – way to read blogs!!

after work today, I spent a few minutes adding my 21 favorites to my list:

of course most of the people who read this blog probably already know about google reader, so this post is most likely just for me!