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apartment hunting report – days three and four.

…yesterday wasn’t quite so busy – we had a great run in the parkrunning in the park
and then picked up stuff for a quick breakfast from dean & deluca. lots and lots of window shopping later, we stopped at this great gourmet grocery right around the corner for dinner snacks.eating in

we thought today might be more window shopping with a lease signing sometime midday. but while we were at lunch, katie got a call from the leasing office that the paperwork wasn’t all together. I spent a very stressful hour at our nyc office printing paystubs and then arranged for tax returns to be faxed.

and now we’re waiting (somewhat impatiently) for a call that everything is ok and we can sign a lease in the morning.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself that I don’t look nearly as stressed as I feel in our lunch photo!lunch at blue ribbon bakery

eta – just heard she’s approved!!! signing the lease tomorrow morning at 10:30 (whew!!)

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  • Lydia

    this has been so darn cool to follow-thinking next years trip to nyc will definately be after memorial day! can't wait to see you both on saturday.