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apartment hunting report – day two.

big news first – she found one! apartment 6H in a beautifully restored building on E 79th street, between east end and york avenues. it has lovely light. and a separate bedroom. closet space. and a very clean kitchen and bathroom. it completely passes the mama test.
apartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6H
the applications and paperwork should be processed this weekend and she’ll sign the lease tomorrow.

also yesterday, we had a very late lunch at sarabeth’s on central park south – sat outside (such a change from my spring break visits with sara…being able to sit outside!) and enjoyed people watching.
lunch at sarabeths
then we walked back to our apartment (in the rain) through central park. a few more photo opportunities.
walking through central park
walking through central park
and rode the subway to the village for dinner at otto and dessert at l’arte del gelato.
dinner at otto
dinner at otto
dessert at l'arte del gelato
a very full, very exciting and very exhausting day. I fell asleep 5 minutes into “he’s just not that into you”. maybe I’ll get to watch it (again!) today.

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