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113/365 – trying to look the part
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…in paris… has been more on my mind these past few weeks than planning what to do (but that will change today because katie is coming for a visit this afternoon for the sole purpose of making those plans!) inspired a lot by garance (love the comments, too, for practicing french!) and then by this post from steph with great links – I’ve settled on a “uniform” of jeans (blue or black), a neutral t-shirt, maybe a cardigan, and a scarf.

and after last saturday’s shopping trip, I now own four scarves and sara’s agreed I can borrow one of hers. so that makes five and that should do for 10 days.

I hope I don’t find out I’ve made a poor choice when I read the books that francie sent!

…oh, and the french is coming along. I’m on episode 20 or something of coffee break french and now know how to order wine and coffee and ask for directions. the commute time is being put to very good use!

bonjour – xxoo!

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