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102/365 – travel albums
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…about the only downside to so much travel (beaufort, nyc, paris) in just two short months is that I have almost no time between trips to document them. but I made good progress this weekend on beaufort and nyc. my goal is to have them all done this month so I can focus all my attention in may on graduation and paris.

I really enjoy making these albums. most of the time is figuring out what to do (format, “theme”, etc) and once that’s done, the pages go really fast. I’ve got the “what” figured out for beaufort and about 80% there for nyc. hopefully next weekend I’ll get it all together. because I don’t have plans this year to take a day of vacation to do it!

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  • Lydia

    seeing your big tape dispenser tells me you mean business! hope to get my bits together this weekend, and whittle the number of photos included in my album to less than 100! look forward to reading about your progress.