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104/365 – planning for paris
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…seriously (finally!?). not that I’ve actually started poring over these books, but they are now out and somehow taking their photo says to the world I’m going to look at them!

I have spent significant time on-line – my favorite blogs (and their commenters) were great resources for new york, and I’m hoping I can have the same success for paris. these few seem like great starts:

smitten kitchen’s paris summary
smitten kitchen’s restaurant recommendations
-mapplr (via fodor’s) restaurant recommendations
april in paris – another fodor’s find
-jordan’s (oh happy day) honeymoon itinerary
-and last (but certainly not least), ina’s guide from fodors

and (inspired by mindy who got “learn french in your car” and francie who’s been listening to french cd’s on her daily walks since february) this morning I downloaded two podcasts – and the inspiration for this post’s title comes from the first one learn french with alexa where I learned to say my name, and ask how it was going, and say where I was from. the second coffee break french was a lot of the same, except the host and his partner were from scotland and they made the french “r’s” sound much better. I’m downloading more episodes of both and hope to learn how to order coffee and wine and say a very gracious “I’m sorry, I don’t speak french, but I don’t want to make a mistake and order organ meats” before we go.
(I also rewatched all of SATC season 6 part 2 and paid close attention.)


  • Lydia

    inspires me to ask the swiss couple at church to help me better my french, also the cute little cameroon who comes to our office on occasion who has a beautiful accent-bon soir

  • stephmodo

    You must try Poilane’s apple tartlette. It’s the best I’ve ever eaten! I drove across the city twice to get my hands on one of these delicious pastries!