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119/365 – at the end of the day
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…it was an unusually long day at the office yesterday – almost dark by the time I got home (and watered the flowers, picked up the mail and the papers and took out the garbage) – so my daily photo had to be inside. and I’ve taken a similar picture – even had similar journaling (click the photo to see the journaling) – back on january 13. but the desk is bit messier now. wow, papers have crept up to the second level and there’s yarn up there, too and the new bookclub book that arrived from amazon.

I think I’m going to like being able to look back at all these photos of “daily life”. helping me to remember just one thing about this very busy point in time.

{hope to have the desk cleaned up before katie’s party on sunday though, for sure!}

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  • Lydia

    can’t wait to hear a review about this next bkclb book-sounds very very intersting! funny thing that when you’re busy you get more piles-when it begins to spill onto the floor that could be a problem! happy friday.