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thinking about quilts.

77/365 – pink and green
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lydia’s invited me to tag along for a day of quilt shop hopping with her friends. and I am so excited about it. re-learning how to sew is on my next-year list because I’d like to make quilts (and maybe other things, but certainly hoping grandchildren things – a post for later).

anyway – I am completely in love with the colors and patterns…and – as I’m sure most newbies are? – completely fearless in terms of what I want to make!

I’ve been browsing websites and blogs and the gentle art of domesticity (christmas gift from andrew), trying to prepare for next week’s trip. at this point, I’m honestly not sure what I might end up with. but this photo – first thing I thought when I saw it in my photoshop window…”wow, that looks like a fabric I would love to have in a quilt”. stay tuned!

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