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thinking about paris.

…is really hard when I’m trying to think about new york (sara and I have made tons of progress on our plans – but we still need to get the 50+ restaurants and shops I’ve saved in my favorites folder sorted and organized…we’ve got lots of energy and appetite, but even we can’t manage that much in five days!).

so I’ve been putting off paris plans. confident katie & I can put together the big rocks and little pebbles (hoping anyone who reads this blog is familiar with steven covey’s 7 habits 🙂 to pull it all together in the 4-1/2 weeks between the trips. because I planned last year’s nyc trip in less than that. and katie’s been to paris. and we have lots of input.

but this morning I saw joanna’s post. and spent nearly 30 minutes checking out the links from here. (downloaded this, loved this). and then the book. …and so did katie. she sent me an email saying we needed to both it before we went (you know, the whole mother-daughter thing). um wow, coincidence? (probably not, I think our “daily read” blog lists have a lot of overlap) but still – – agreed!

very much looking forward to the planning, and the experience. this video was cool, too (and thank goodness francie is studying up on her french!)

(thanks, joanna!)

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  • Lydia

    loved the video-have the “paris in springtime” stamps if you need them! this is going to be a great trip. can i borrow the book when you’re done?!