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square pictures are hard.

…67 days into my photo 365 project, feeling a little better about the photo object itself (I’m sure I’ll whine about it again…at least once or twice), but now I’m getting hung up on the format I’ve chosen for the documentation – ali’s calendar – which calls for squares. and honestly…squares are hard.

I’ve had a few days lately where my favorite photos of the day just can’t get cropped to a square and tell the same story. big time yesterday:

the food from lunch (completely yummy all of it – sara says she’ll write a review for the high school paper and I hope she does!)
lunch at northpoint diner
lunch at northpoint diner
and the gratuitous two of us taken by the lovely manager (two strikes for this one, right, it’s a rectangle and I didn’t click the button!)
lunch at northpoint diner
so I ended up with this shot – and I love having the documentation of spring, slowly, finally, arriving, but still!
66/365 - green leaves
…and again today:

fun time at mexican to catch up for karen’s birthday – no way I could get the whole crew into one square.
lunch at el jinette
so I took this one of sara’s february lady sweater to fill the spot. maybe a sign I needed to take a photo of it anyway!67/365 - february lady sweater, blocking

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  • Lydia

    food looks yummy- where’d you go, and the sweater-reminder that i definately need to do another one in more squooshie yarn- can’t wait to see it on sara.