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plans for new york.

65/365 – two of us
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…probably not too surprising that a five mile walk leaves much time for talk – about school (going well), about work (still pretty stressed), about tennis (playing both matches next week), and finally…about plans for spring break in nyc. I’ve decided going back to a place you absolutely loved is harder than going someplace brand new. something about the bar we set last spring has made me hesitant to make new plans … because they might not measure up.

but on this walk, we talked about that and – at least for me – got over it. and laid the groundwork for a new “list”. which will be a lot more organized now that we know where we’re going. and a bit shorter on the to-do’s and places (really, we have only a few must see/do’s this time and a few of those are walks in central park!). but definitely longer on the “eat” part. sara’s gotten very skilled at seeking out the best restaurants in the areas we want to visit (east village, soho, west village, chelsea, brooklyn, and on and on) and we’ve decided we need some sort of …something!… so we can make the most of our time.