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peachtree invitational.

wow. lots of tennis in the last two days. as we say at work “bottom line on top” – they won. but that’s just a small part of the story.

there was the weather – it poured down rain friday and into early saturday morning. we played two of the four matches on covered courts (thank goodness there were covered courts or the whole thing might’ve been cancelled). but the rain ended and by noon on saturday there were spots of sunshine and a breeze that helped dry the courts. and lots of talk about the snow that’s scheduled for today in atlanta 🙂

here are photos that tell another part (all on flickr – click for more details).
winning team
coach shackleford, alyssa, lindsay, devon, sara, sammi, liz, casey, megan, lauren, mackenzie, holly, christine
team at dinner
lauren, sammi, mackenzie, casey, liz, devon, christine, holly, sara, lindsay, alyssa, megan
team mascot
team mascot (don’t you love his roswell “sweater”?!)
watching the last match
casey, devon, alyssa, lindsay, megan, christine, liz, sara, lauren, mackenzie (ms king with her back turned)
waiting for the finish

and to end – I enjoyed the time with sara, and the team, and the other parents that were there. truly nice girls, every last one of them and I’m glad sara is part of it all.

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