knitting update.

…yes, there has been knitting. actually quite a bit by my typical standards.

Sara and I were out yesterday, both wearing sweaters I knit – sadly (and maybe for the first time EVER, Sara agrees!) I didn’t have my camera!! but I did take a few blurry shots of Sara in her February Lady Sweater.
84/365 - sara's february lady sweater
sara's february lady sweater (back)
ravelry link

and I had so hoped to get a photo of my latest project, a clapotis (my first!) for Francie, next to spring-greenery outside. but the rain just didn’t cooperate. so this first photo is from the floor in my den (like this one!)
85/365 - the clapotis begins
hoping for much more knitting time before NYC to finish clapotis. I hate having too many projects going at once, and NYC is for sure sock territory!

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