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a good mail day.

90/365 – couldn’t resist
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…plenty of junk (including an offer from O magazine for SARA – would she be their youngest subscriber, I wonder?) and a nice letter from adpi soliciting senior night photos and letters (gulp, wow, it’s coming fast!) – but this package blew me away.

so glad to have a memory from the quilt shop hop even though I ended up not going… and so looking forward to finding something creative to use it for. but mostly, so grateful to have family who are friends and think of me…(and provide me my 90th!!! photo for 2009).

p.s. as I was taking the picture and then writing this post, I couldn’t help thinking back to the summer of 2007 when I lived for the mail every day… and recommitting myself to putting some “good mail” in my loved ones’ mailboxes more often.

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