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beaufort 2009.

…we had a fabulous time. and I’ve ordered photos (starting to think about how to document “on paper”), but for the on-line world, the mosaic seems best. these are my favorite photos from my beaufort 2009 set on flickr. each year, I wonder how the next year can possibly be better and this was certainly no exception. so a few of my special memories:

who knew beaufort was just a 5 hour trip from atlanta (if karen’s driving)::beauloft looks just the same (thank goodness)::pananis…twice…of course::running to lunch at wren’s and being asked by a kind driver “are you ok, do you need a ride?”::walks with karen::phase 10 over and over until I finally won – big!!::knitting::stories (this is actually one of my most favorite parts about these mother-daughters weekends; have so loved hearing my mom’s stories…as an adult)::saltus river on a saturday night::giggling::a nancy rhett original of my very own::window shopping::sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures::sea island sunday morning::having a dear friend who will practice bach and play it just for me (and get his choir to sing my most favorite jesu joy of man’s desiring for the anthem)::not having to watch the NCAA tournament, but getting texts and phonecalls with updates on the scores (that’s the way I like my sports!)

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  • Lydia

    great “adult” memories and the photos were awesome. am hoping to make nyc my annual trip, i don’t think i could ever get anought of that city!