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83/365 – on the nightstand

83/365 – on the nightstand
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inspired by this and this (and one other photo that had such lovely colors, and for the life of me, right now, I can’t find it again!)

the chair is from my grandmother’s house – she re-caned the seat herself and I even have magazine clippings that talk about caning (boy, I hope this version lasts, though – I’m not sure I could manage another one!)

and the pile of books…as usual, out of control. the current one (in the vera bradley cover) is a donna leon that I started before I found out this month’s book club pick. and there’s another donna leon to read and one I’ve read, plus the shack (a book club pick I didn’t read at the time because I knew I would miss the meeting) and…a few others. a few months ago, the pile fell over (at least twice) and marc moved all the books from the chair to the bookcase. I still need to reorganize that!

promised! another photo – before paris – with fewer books (all ones I intend to read) and maybe … if I get really ambitious, the bookcase!

{eta I found the inspiration!}


  • Lydia

    my pile on the nightstand has gone down to 2-the newest maisie dobbs and a david baldacci-BUT i have a basket of about 30 that i’m trying to get through as well! got the shack for christmas so we’ll have to compare notes-so many books-so little time!