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upside down.

upside down…so the photo-a-day project is already getting hard. really. like some days I just don’t have anything photo-worthy. so you see my dinner (twice). or me (this will likely be a frequent feature). so today was great because I actually had FOUR photos from which to choose … and that didn’t even include the great dinner that marc made (and I didn’t take a picture of that!)

the park is usually full of photo opportunities. and part of the fun of my walk is finding them. today was especially good because the fountain in the front pond isn’t running, and the pond has become a perfect mirror – the photo above for sure and this one:reflection
and then stamp club this afternoon. paula, sharon and karen were so lovely to pose with smiles!paula, sharon, karen
bringing me to my choice for the day. the mess that is stamp club.
38/365 - stamp club
complete fun!!

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