Just Life

just 15 more hours.

…one of my new flickr contacts from the 365 photo project left a comment on my first sara’s february lady sweater photo – and it got me to thinking about what I would do if I had 24 more hours in each day:

1. sleeping – just 30 more minutes
2. walking – would love an hour every day
3. reading – an hour and a half. would like to catch up on the classics I missed with only three years of high school english and a college degree in applied mathematics + a few magazines so I can keep up with what’s new
4. groceries & cooking – two hours. would love to prepare something fresh (and delicious!) for dinner every night. plus cookies and fresh bread. yummmmm.
5. knitting – another hour and a half. every day. I am definitely a process knitter, but I love the finished objects! and I love knitting for others and for me
6. friends & correspondence – two hours. keeping up and staying in touch. meeting for coffee (or wine) or a walk. talking.
7. crafting – just an hour each day. scrapbooking, stamping, learning more about the hybrid digital “stuff” I’ve started this past year
8. housekeeping – an hour and a half. I really enjoying taking the time to keep my home beautiful. spending time with the lovely things I’ve collected. making sure the kitchen sparkles. having clean (and ironed) clothes to wear
9. blogging – really, two hours a day. to take good pictures. develop good content. add links 🙂 (this includes an extra 30 minutes for me to keep up with the wonderful blogs I follow, plus finding a few new ones)
10. sewing/fabric – an hour and a half – what I want to learn next. quilting. crafting with fabric. and learning to sew for the grandchildren I hope to have someday.
11. hair + make-up – 30 minutes.

total=15 hours

and people wonder what I’ll do when I retire! wow, I don’t spend 15 hours at work every day! …and there’s time with marc, and watching sara’s tennis, and eating that I haven’t even factored in!

then I spent 15 minutes this evening taking this photo – so wanted to grab onto the first bit of spring fever (despite my brown sweater) … and maybe that goes to blog time, or to crafting time, but really, I probably should’ve added another hour at least…just to enjoy it all.41/365 - spring