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weekend recap.

…honestly all pretty good (except for the minor freakout when I checked the weather forecast for minneapolis – the high for thursday is below zero. omg!!!!)

::kept up with the daily photo and added this past week to my calendar
::enjoyed two four mile walks in the park (thinking about how I can use the daily photo project to really *see* what’s changing season to season and enjoying lime’n’violet and this american life podcasts)
::knitted (photos coming soon, promise!)
::planned my trip to chicago to include a weekend with sue
::started emily falconbridge’s Q52 project (click photos for details)
Q52 supplies
wk 1 - wishes for 2009?
wk 1 response
taking deep breaths to get myself ready for the three very busy weeks upcoming!

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  • Lydia

    looks like all good stuff, the strata, the cardinal (tre’ beau), better pack your long johns! know we’ll have at least 1 photo from that trip- enjoy and be safe.