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a new bag.

…about once a year, I get hung up on a new bag – and for the past, I don’t know how (forever?!) many years, it’s been coach. but lately, I’ve been thinking I might need to venture out a bit. maybe a knitting bag that masquerades as a “not knitting” bag (like this one).

and the past several times I’ve been at cast on cottage, I’ve totally had my eye on this one. (can you tell from the photo that it’s eggplant? as in purple?)

and I almost bought it today. but I have to go back tomorrow or sunday for buttons for the juliet and decided the real test would be…if it’s still there then, it’s a sign it’s meant to be.

but I think the real sign is that I just saw (while reading my january vogue) that target is featuring hayden-harnett. which means I can pick up a looks like designer bag for less than $50. I just checked, and “my” target has this cute one in stock:

so…for way less than the price of one coach, I can pick up TWO stylish bags. and I know they’re trendy, but I’m thinking it might be worth it for once!

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