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looking forward (and back).

…I started two new projects today – the first a continuation of last year’s gratitude journal.
gratitude 09 cover
gratitude 09 cover page
gratitude 09 january - blank

I’m really pleased with how it turned out – and excited about capturing one grateful thought for each day. and one photo for each month.

the second is my “big” goal for 2009. a 365 project. and considering this or this for documentation.

I think these two projects will be a nice progression for my creativity – sort of a way of summing up what I’ve learned to do and enjoy these past two years. good habits now!

and looking back – I finished my december daily (aka “journal your christmas 2008”) album yesterday. this is definitely a project I will do again next december. probably the same way – a mix of shimelle’s prompts and simply taking photos and writing down our stories. the trick will be figuring out the album and the numbering scheme (I used up nearly all the 1’s and 2’s from my glitter stickers this time). but I’ve got nearly 11 months to work on that!day 31
day 31 back
finished album

wishing everyone a wonderful 2009! live well. laugh often. love much.

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  • Lydia

    all good stuff, i may join you next year, even though i promised to say “no”! i think i can make an exception for the journal your christmas