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knit and sip.

…seems it will take a bit of practice to figure out how to manage this photo-a-day project. the good news is that I’m three days into it and have three photos uploaded to my flickr and to the group. the not-so-good news is that two of the photos are definitely ones I want in my photo album and I don’t have 4×6 images to print (the lunch out is here) and one I’d blog about since it was for the knit and sip I had “upcoming” for the past week. here you go:
3/365 - saturday knitting

so far – and this is definitely a lesson in process (ooohh, maybe “experience“??!!) – I think the way to go is:

1. unload photo from camera and apply basic fixes (lighting, contrast, color – as needed); and then,
2. if I want it for my album, crop to 4×6 and save as “cropped”; else simply save as edited; and then
3. crop/resize to a square* and save in my 365 project folder;
4. upload to flickr and send to the 365 project pool; and finally
5. add to the digital calendar template

admitting I have not followed these five steps once in the past three days. at least not in that order. but I did just complete all these steps for all the days, and I think I’m on the right track. stay tuned!

*cropping and resizing to squares to accommodate the digital calendar template. for now anyway. but liking the option to re-make as “poloroids”, too. bottom line – not yet committed to a specific “hardcopy” documentation approach for this project!

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  • Lydia

    agree your word for the year should pretty easy to document, and fun since you are on your way to being a photoshop guru-this will be quite the album when you are finished.