Just Life

fun stuff.

…lots of it. plenty of phase 10 dice. and a lovely visit to see winslow homer’s engravings at the appleton museum of art. [the four wood engravings in that wikipedia article…we saw them! very cool to see so much history and such talent – we really enjoyed the exhibit and the permanent collection] the elephants out front look like they’re having fun too!

last night, sara and I made dinner.
a special dinner
this morning, I played around with the poladroid program I read about in yesterday’s paper.
and we took my tatting to get framed (cannot wait to see what it looks like finished!)

topped off with a six hour car ride home. more loaded questions (what word makes you cringe? I said “ain’t” and sara said “pus” … great for passing time on I=75!) and 4 episodes of SATC season three.

yup, pretty fun!

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  • Lydia

    sounds like fun-home is one of my favorites-i agree with the “pus”, there’s another one that makes me cringe, but i can’t share it on the blog! one that cops use ALOT.