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5 things.

sara, mary, katie…the girls and I had a great evening out on Sunday. Santaland Diaries was over-the-top funny and very well done. and dinner at Sotto Sotto was a treat. perfect for my day 28 journal entry (here and here).

and all that good together time probably made yesterday a little harder. I un-decorated (with plenty of help from Sara) and Katie left… just a few days to get herself organized before the big game and her last semester. the house seems extra empty. I gave myself a few hours yesterday afternoon to feel bad about it. and then decided that was no way to spend the extra week of vacation! looking on the bright side, there are five things I’m looking forward to over this next week:

1. more good food. cooking with sara. maybe a salad, soup or sandwich from the barefoot contessa. or a pizza or calzone from her new baking illustrated.

2. knitting. would like to finish a 3rd (!!!) knit-round scarf and maybe get another sweater started. juliet or the debbie bliss cabled jacket? {and since I created this list, have learned lydia, karen & I are getting together saturday afternoon for a knit and sip – yeah!}

3. reading. I need to finish our next bookclub book. and get through the huge pile of magazines that accumulated since thanksgiving. and hopefully get to spend time with the lovely paris books I got for christmas.

4. walks. the weather is supposed to be sunny over the next few days. only wish I had a new stash & burn podcast to keep me company.

5. getting myself organized and ready for 2009. new calendar. new files. a clean desk. (maybe cleaning up my craft area, too).

then I used the pretty red & white packaging from my christmas supply of origins’ ginger body products to create my day 29 journal entry (the front is here).day 29 back

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  • Lydia

    sounds like you will be able to really enjoy the last few days of 2008, with lots of memories and things accomplished (always good, right?!) and start 2009 refreshed. i think a week off at the end of the year should be mandatory for women.