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…an early dismassal made a great excuse for lunch out.
and dessert!
followed by a long walk in the park (mary & sara) and a nice, very relaxing evening in (marc, mary & sara). my parents sent a lovely card and a CD of songs from 1983. wow, 1983 was a LONG time ago! and today, another card from marc’s mom, and a beautiful plate and bowl (sorry – you’ll have to wait to see it in person!). reflecting, 1983 was a very big year for me…and 2008 is big, but in a much quieter way, I guess. and maybe it’s just part of life that the milestone years stack up, but this year, and next year and 2010 seem especially important to me.

p.s. have added details about the upcoming week to the sidebar (at marc’s request!) I can’t complain, right?, at least he a) reads the blog and b) looks for calendar clues (love you! when you read this!)

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  • Lydia

    all good stuff-need to have a look at the CD, i love music from the 80s! Let me know how the paper source is, i plan to scoot over there sometime-