Just Life

weekend wrap-up.

…feeling very good about 10 of the thirteen items on my to-do list, done! plus some fun, like watching sara win a tennis match, and making cards with karen, gratia and sharon.

first up, accomplishment #3. my week in the life album is done. I love the way it turned out. especially now that it’s finished.
and you can see evidence of accomplishment #2 in this photo of our dining room table, now returned to being our dining room table and not my scrapbook project table. put out our fall decorations.
then accomplishment #9. only one more week to do and I’m back on track with create 08. this entry is for week 42, layers.

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  • Lydia

    i do miss those cool morning runs/walks-especially when the sun is peaking out and blue skies-although our driveway would have evidence of what looked like a strip-tease on some morning when i had to remove the various layers as i warmed up!