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fridaying (barely).

…as in it’s still barely friday. 11:55 pm as I start this post. and the french press coffee I had from starbucks at 6 pm is going strong, so I’m thinking I’ll certainly finish before my brain goes to sleep.

TasteFest appears to have been a huge success. I should know better tomorrow – four hours of counting, recording and balancing scheduled with the boys’ tennis treasurer. But I am completely exhausted…an event of that magnitude, on a friday evening. simply not meant for anyone who lives a full life during the week.

And since this is the first stop at my computer since the dark early hours, I only have one fun thing to report. honestly, I decided this blog post was worth it when I found it. the bulky cabled sweater. close enough to the one I adored in the fall issue of in style to have me planning my trip to cast on cottage. as soon as the TasteFest balancing is done. you know, sort of like my reward.

Like the cold pizza and wine and computer time I was looking forward to all evening.

p.s. I am still hanging in there with the week in the life project. enough that I can reference the highlights of my day with photos. but I’ve definitely noticed a drop off in production – today yielded only 11 photos, compared with monday’s 18. at this rate, I’ll be down to single digits by the project’s end 🙂

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