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…my first trip there in a very long time. maybe since summer 1991 (before sara was born). I arrived on tuesday afternoon, to the cold rainy wet. I hate cold rainy wet, especially when I’m driving in it, and most especially when I’m someplace I don’t know very well. even though the colors looked a little bit like an impressionist painting
as I drove to norwalk, couldn’t help but think that this place could be pretty if the rain would just stop. and it did – wednesday was still cold, but at least dry. and the trees kept many of their leaves despite the rain.
oh, and this marks the 6th hewitt office I’ve visited. atlanta (of course! and that might actually count for two), plus lincolnshire (no photo), orlando, the woodlands, charlotte and now norwalk.

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  • Lydia

    with the weather lately, i’m real surprised you didn’t have snow! still a new place to visit, and not too stressful, i hope! happy friday.