Just Life

monday last-day.

…yeah, I know there’s no rhyming or alliteration, but that’s more how it felt. the last sunrise.

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the last walk. buying the coffee so I could recreate the lovely st honore moments. the last episode of mad men. the last lunch.

the last shopping. which was actually really more of a very new thing. who knew quilting could be so…inspiring! we spent a good couple of hours searching fabrics and then sewing machines. turns out lake oswego might be the quilting capitol of the world (at least compared to atlanta, where the nearest bernina dealer is in marietta and quilt fabric might be just that far away too)

the last drinks on the deck.

but hopefully not the last time for my $35 dress this summer!
in all it was a lovely visit – the best of everything that you can enjoy with 25+ year friends. very very lucky me! thank you francie & dale!

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