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bookclub at alice's.

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…to discuss the Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. General consensus was positive. But we might’ve liked it better as the “Friday Night Bookclub”, since that’s our favorite type of women’s group. Of course if it were our club, it would be the “3rd Wednesday Night Bookclub”. Other thoughts – the knitting didn’t seem “real” – Kate seemed detached from it somehow. The ending seemed rushed. We hope they make it a movie and pick someone totally gorgeous to play James (actually, we think the plot would serve very well for a movie – it’s a great chick flick!). Everyone wants an Anita in their lives. Wish there had been a picture of the two knitted dresses; we found it hard to imagine what they look like.

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  • Lydia

    enjoyed your take on the book~i did find that it didn’t focus a whole lot on the knitting, not sure why-i was real touched by the renewal of relationships; could be why i did cry at the end when georgia died