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2-day walk 08.

…2 days, 30-ish miles walked with my best friend and sister, feeling like we helped to make an impact in the fight against this horrible disease. thanks to our dear family and friends, we raised nearly $3,500. yes, three five zero zero! and donations are still coming in.

I think we both agreed this year’s walk was better than last. on the staff’s part, the hotel, the organization and the route will be hard to top. and on our part, or really just mine, I’m not thinking I’ll be laid off running for 3 months! (but I am sitting here now with both feet propped up and under ice). we’ve already signed up for next year (sidebar upcoming updated and I’ll add the link to our donation page as soon as the staff recovers from the event and resets everything for 2009).

(and this mosaic is only 13 of the 26 “best” photos I took… click here to see them all).

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  • Lydia

    great pics, saw many sights that are on the P’tree Rd Race route-and the weather-couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend, right? look forward to helping meet your goal next year