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hello august.

…surely this summer has gone by faster than any other? this is the last week of summer break (school starts next monday). Sara and I did a bit of shopping saturday (taking advantage of the georgia tax holiday and for the most part avoiding long lines), and enjoyed lunch at brio.
and yesterday I got caught up on elise’s paper adventure – hadn’t posted an entry since july 14 (which is only three weeks, I guess, but wow, that was back in july, before the beach, and it just seems like ages ago!)

first up Quiet. I had the idea for this one before we left, and loved being able to capture a beach morning.

then Five. a very cool idea for journaling, but tough to capture with a photo. so I played around with photoshop brushes and text masks.
and finally a Person. I picked my Karen. because I had this great photo of her from a belated birthday lunch back in February. my initial thought had been one of my mom, but I searched and don’t think I have any pictures of her by herself. (need to fix that when I see her later this month!)

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  • Lydia

    love the word updates, and a great photo of karen-what’s that you were eating, i see figs- looks yummy- 5 was an interesting prompt, can’t wait to see this album when it’s finished-happy monday