Just Life

why I love the internet.

…well actually just a few of the reasons. there are way too many for me to count.

I can’t remember how I found erin’s site, but it’s been on my daily reads list for a while – there’s always something new and interesting. and she’s published a few e-zines and now has this very cool magazine. which I downloaded last night and just paged through this morning.

I definitely have to checkout the playlist on page 23. but my favorite is the weekly planner on pp 30-31. designed by jessica gonacha. who just happens to live in atlanta (wow, small world).

she does lovely art and has an etsy shop where you can buy it. how about this one called geogia trees. and I really love all the patterns, too. she has uploaded many of them to flickr (here). and I clicked on a few (how fun is this one) and noticed they were part of a pool called spoonflower fabric designs. hummm…spoonflower?

…so I google and find out spoonflower is a new company that prints fabric with your own designs. you upload your image and they print it on 100% cotton. what a great idea!!