Just Life

so long.

…farewell, and another vacation is history. still thinking about what I want to do with the photos – and honestly, right now, I’m enjoying just having them off my camera and on the computer (the whole set is here)
1. (in the center) at starbucks, 2. last sunset, 3. bud & alleys, 4. another sunset, 5. headed into the water, 6. apres beach, 7. so long, 8. at the pool, 9. best sunset at the end, 10. footprints, 11. quiet, 12. playing in the waves, 13. leftovers

One Comment

  • scrappy jen d

    These pictures remember me of The States and I am soooo home sick!
    I am longing for the Oregonian Beach like crazy!
    Wonderful pics and wonderful story’s…..

    Bye, jen.